Dark Coconut

Heidi Coconut, 80g

Star Ingredient: „Coco” means „laughing face” in Portuguese.

The “coconut” was named by Portuguese sailors in the 16th century because of the 3 holes that make it look like a human face.

Opposites attract

Sometimes you can’t make up your mind between the intense, serious taste of dark chocolate and sweet, exotic coconut. But find them together in the same tablet and the decision is already made: YUM!

Heidi Coconut, 80g

Ingredients: sugar, cocoa mass, cocoa butter, coconut flakes 2,5%, emulsifier: lecithin (from soy); natural flavors (coconut, vanilla).

Cocoa solids: min. 50%
May contain traces of tree nuts, gluten and milk.

Nutritional Information

100 g
Energy value:
2255 kJ/536 kcal
33 g
of which saturated:
22 g
50 g
48 g
4,6 g
0,01 g

Pentru a te bucura de o experienta completa, intoarce ecranul telefonului tau in modul portrait.