Our Journey

Have you ever felt that sweet and inspiring sensation when unboring chocolate reaches your buds, right after you take the first bite?

Heidi heritage

Heidi heritage

Have you ever felt that sweet and inspiring sensation when unboring chocolate reaches your buds, right after you take the first bite? If you’re reading this, it probably means yes. And surely you know it’s one of a kind. Now multiply that with an unlimited choice of ingredients, passion for authenticity and the sweetest range of Heidi chocolate and there you have it: the legacy that we started over 23 years ago.

It was the year 1994 when Juerg Laederach, passionate Swiss Chocolatier and Entrepreneur set sails on a journey of exploration, in order to bring new opportunities to people here and to teach them the secret of the Swiss Art of Making Chocolate.

Inspired by the famous little girl which, with her natural and innocent attitude, made people see the positive things in life, Juerg founded Heidi and its spirit. One that continues to inspire people to walk on the bright side of life through the finesse and crafted compositions of Heidi Chocolate.

With passion, craftsmanship and respect for individuality leading our way, soon the chocolatier boutique developed into a global Atelier du Chocolat, exporting to over 60 countries throughout all continents.




A passionate beginning

Juerg Laederach and two other investors, Massimo Palumbo and Konrad Hafner, settle their sweetness headquarters in Greenfield, Bucharest.


It’s Heidilicious!

The Pantelimon factory conquers Romanians’ buds with the first Heidi Chocolate tablets. And their hearts with the first Christmas special edition, with cinnamon and white chocolate.


Santa brought figurines

The first Christmas figurines are launched, using swiss molds and chocolate, that helped Santa never run out of inspiration.


Elegance has a taste

Heidi Pralinetti enriched the Romanian chocolate market pallet of tastes with that of elegance.


Excellence in a truffle

Rich tastes and exploring textures make our truffles famous among Romanian and international customers.


A barista in a tablet

Romanians love new and surprising tastes, so Cappuccino and Amaretto tablets become some of the most loved chocolates available. New recipes ideas drive the factory extension.


Free the taste!

Heidi extends its product range with a rich, but soothing new taste: dark chocolate. No one felt guilty for that extra square ever again.

2004 - 2006

New discoveries

Heidi accepts the challenge to conquer the buds of even the most pretentious chocolate lovers and continues to expand its range.


Heidi goes global

After setting delightful local trends, Heidi begins putting chocosmiles on the faces of people from over 32 countries.


The chocolate site

Heidi starts spreading indulgence through the chocolate side of life and reaching its fans on a new website and Facebook page.


Prepare to launch!

Why not discover new and exciting recipes? Why not inspiring our fans to share our tasteful story? The answer was ChocoWorld, a concept store where you can create your own recipes, attend themed parties and taste the widest assortment of fresh chocolate.


Proud new member

Heidi becomes part of the Kex Confectionery Group, widening the path to bringing hand-crafted quality chocolate to the world.


Unboring Chocolate

Heidi inspires you to unleash your creativity in a brand new unboring digital home with surprising experiences.

World map

World map

Our dream was born as an adventure and raised in the name of our passion for chocolate. Now, after more than 23 unboring years, it’s in the top chocolate brands in premium markets worldwide, present in over 60 countries, throughout all continents. And the dream goes on.

Heidi Global Presence

World Contact

World Contact

The world becomes unboring when we change perspectives: let’s meet, let’s talk.

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87 Biruintei Bvd., 077145, Pantelimon, Ilfov County, Romania
T: +40 21 352 03 20
F: +40 21 352 03 19
Customer feedback

Customer feedback

You know that feeling when you slowly unpack the most delicious Heidi chocolate and start discovering its ingredients and flavors? When all boredom fades away and you begin expressing your emotions and ideas? We want to hear them all.

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